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21 May 2011: Spring foraging: Elderflowerade

Elderflowers in bud and flower

With spring bursting out all over it’s a fine time to be picking up the foraging again with a big simmering pan full of elderflowerade.


18 May 2011: Orienteering

Orienteering symbol on a wooden plaque

The nice thing about being in the recovery period after a race is you can be an awful lot freer about what exercise you take. In this case it was a run around a fixed orienteering course in Stevenage.


18 May 2011: Letchworth’s Greenway Challenge: The race is run

Well. We did it. A little over two weeks ago now, but it’s taken that long to sink in fully. We’ve now competed in a half-marathon and haven’t been put off running for life by so doing.


14 Apr 2011: The big walk

WalkWalkWalk icon

I only found out very recently that it’s considered perfectly normal to walk (as opposed to running) a marathon distance, something that a sizeable group of people do quite regularly, taking part in a plethora of events around Britain that welcome walking entrants.


14 Apr 2011: Therfield Heath: Looking at a golf course in a different light

Nearly noon

Sunday morning, and we’re feeling like we could really do with a lie-in, having run 10 miles the previous day. Unfortunately, we know that to have one would mean missing out on an event that we’re quite keen to go to – a guided walk organised by Hertfordshire’s Countryside Management Service around Therfield Heath, near Royston, just across the border from Cambridgeshire and the Fens.


13 Apr 2011: 100 Days Challenge – completed!

Completed challenge sheets

We did it. 100 continuous days of intentional movement, of at least 30 minutes every day, starting on January 1 and finishing on April 10.


21 Mar 2011: Celebrate Our Forests Day in Hitch Wood, north Hertfordshire

Please keep to the path

Yesterday was Celebrate Our Forests Day – part of a national campaign to preserve the UK’s forest estate in public ownership. We thought we’d join in with a visit to one of our nicest local woods, Hitch Wood. The idea of the day was to get people out and about in their local forest or woodland, enjoying nature and wildlife, and appreciating the importance of access and good management.


3 Feb 2011: Why do we run?

WalkWalkWalk icon

Here’s a great talk on the topic of running. Running is a big subject here at the moment since we’re currently three months off attempting the inaugural half-marathon in the town next to ours.


9 Jan 2011: Arboretum

New planting complements mature trees

Saturday brought practically the first sun of the new year – so, before you could say ‘quick – find your shoes’ we were through the door and off for a bit of outdoor activity. The idea was to try some gentle outdoor running after a long period of being constrained by poor weather and (if we are honest) one or two overuse injuries.


2 Jan 2011: 100 days

WalkWalkWalk icon

Here’s a great idea if you’re looking to get motivated to become more active in 2011. Running gurus John Bingham and Jenny Hadfield have launched a 100-day challenge.

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