Every step of the way…

There’s a plethora of walking sites out there so why look at ours? Because it’s got something that not many of the others can boast. We’ve walked every step of the way ourselves. So you know that what you’re reading is the real thing. And there you were, thinking it was just an attractive way for us to display our holiday snaps.

Long-distance walking is unbeatable for a lot of reasons – the sense of freedom and achievement, the inches off your waistline, the fantastic memories and the chance to meet people and see places that you would never otherwise have come across. But nothing worthwhile is ever easy. Here’s where you can learn what it was really like…

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  • Fear of heights on Lundy Island

    Fear of heights on Lundy Island

    How to visit Lundy and have a holiday that is physically and mentally refreshing, rather than draining, and allows for a level of challenge and adventure pitched to avoid both boredom and terror?

  • Tips for choosing a challenge event.

    Tips for choosing a challenge event.

    Choosing the right event can make all the difference between a great day and a frustating slog that doesn’t achieve your goals. So what should you look for?

  • Our year’s foraging

    Our year’s foraging

    It’s been a great year for foraging but, as always, it’s the stuff you don’t manage to do that sticks in the mind.

  • Picking things up

    Picking things up

    We’ve picked up walking again after quite a long period when it hasn’t been a major focus in our lives.

  • The Holy Grail

    The Holy Grail

    So – the holy grail of a national coast path around the whole of Great Britain is slowly coming to pass with a new 34-mile section of path opened between Hartlepool and Sunderland.

  • Literary rambles

    Literary rambles

    What’s your favourite way to spend a blustery autumn day? Curled up by the fire with a cup of tea and a good book, or striding across the landscape breathing fresh air and getting some colour in your cheeks?