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Andy in Falmouth
Andy in Falmouth

Andy Darley

  • Walking likes: Good maps, dry boots, peace and quiet
  • Walking hates: Rain in your rucksack
  • Preferred boots: On second or third pair of Brashers
  • Preferred rucksack: Vango Pumori 70 when a frame rucksack is needed. Otherwise it’s the old boy-scout Karrimor, still going strong.
  • Favourite walking snack: Pistachios, fruit pots (with their drinkable juice), chocolate-covered chewy cereal bars
  • Favourite walk: Footpaths surrounding home town of Hitchin
  • Would not walk without: Sunglasses, camera.
  • Biggest walking disaster: Damage to femoral nerve caused by over-tightening the rucksack’s waist-belt that was severe enough to need surgery. Be warned!
Lisa near Boscastle
Lisa near Boscastle

Lisa Hutchins

  • Walking likes: Hot baths, good dinners
  • Walking hates: Smart-alec bystanders, steep drops
  • Preferred boots: Has a pair from Berghaus that took a crippling year to break in but which are, consequently, as tough as… well, old boots.
  • Preferred rucksack: Aztec Merlin 55 for its adjustable back.
  • Favourite walking snack: Raisins, Green and Blacks chocolate bars, dried apple slices, Werthers Originals.
  • Favourite walk: Across the wilds of Dartmoor
  • Would not walk without: My daft hat. It may look like a pale green pork pie but it’s a lot better than sunstroke. Also glasses with photochromic lenses.
  • Biggest walking disaster: A terrible attack of vertigo near Heddon’s Mouth. And ending up thigh-deep in seawater a couple of times. But it’s all character-building, innit?

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