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18 Jun 2011: Barefoot hiking

How effective is a spot of barefoot hiking in toughening up the feet and preventing injuries in advance of a big event? Possibly more than you could ever imagine…

18 May 2011: Letchworth’s Greenway Challenge: The race is run

Well. We did it. A little over two weeks ago now, but it’s taken that long to sink in fully. We’ve now competed in a half-marathon and haven’t been put off running for life by so doing.

14 Apr 2011: The big walk

I only found out very recently that it’s considered perfectly normal to walk (as opposed to running) a marathon distance, something that a sizeable group of people do quite regularly, taking part in a plethora of events around Britain that welcome walking entrants.

13 Apr 2011: 100 Days Challenge – completed!

We did it. 100 continuous days of intentional movement, of at least 30 minutes every day, starting on January 1 and finishing on April 10.

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