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26 Nov 2016: Our year’s foraging

It’s been a great year for foraging but, as always, it’s the stuff you don’t manage to do that sticks in the mind.

21 Sep 2014: Autumn foraging

This year has seen a bumper autumn for foraging with a fantastic crop of fruit gathered by us from hedgerows within a short walk of the house thanks to the warm and mild spring.

21 May 2011: Spring foraging: Elderflowerade

With spring bursting out all over it’s a fine time to be picking up the foraging again with a big simmering pan full of elderflowerade.

21 Oct 2010: Foraging and the law

Yes – we did promise that we’d said our last words on the subject for a while, and that’s nearly true, since the purpose of this post is to draw readers’ attention to a useful article on the BBC Magazine website this morning.

17 Oct 2010: The last word on foraging

Normal service will resume shortly and this blog will return to its proper subject, walking, rather than lingering on things that you can do while walking, such as foraging enticing free foodstuffs out of the hedgerows.

10 Oct 2010: Foraging for nettles

And so our autumn experiment in wild food continues – with nettles. It’s all very well picking fruit, and almost a civic duty to collect blackberries, but when you venture into weeds – and aggressive ones to boot – that’s a whole new level of experimentation. But it’s an urge that won’t die, so we decide to give it a go.

10 Sep 2010: Sloe gin and rosehip tea

Blackberry and apple crumble. Blackberry and apple with cream or yoghurt in a bowl. Blackberry and apple mousse.

14 Aug 2010: Food for free

Hedgerows on the local footpaths are bursting with fruit – the expected blackberries, but also sloes, wild plums, apples, greengages and elderberries. Who could resist?

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