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29 Nov 2016: Tips for choosing a challenge event.

Choosing the right event can make all the difference between a great day and a frustating slog that doesn’t achieve your goals. So what should you look for?

18 May 2011: Letchworth’s Greenway Challenge: The race is run

Well. We did it. A little over two weeks ago now, but it’s taken that long to sink in fully. We’ve now competed in a half-marathon and haven’t been put off running for life by so doing.

14 Apr 2011: The big walk

I only found out very recently that it’s considered perfectly normal to walk (as opposed to running) a marathon distance, something that a sizeable group of people do quite regularly, taking part in a plethora of events around Britain that welcome walking entrants.

13 Apr 2011: 100 Days Challenge – completed!

We did it. 100 continuous days of intentional movement, of at least 30 minutes every day, starting on January 1 and finishing on April 10.

3 Feb 2011: Why do we run?

Here’s a great talk on the topic of running. Running is a big subject here at the moment since we’re currently three months off attempting the inaugural half-marathon in the town next to ours.

9 Jan 2011: Arboretum

Saturday brought practically the first sun of the new year – so, before you could say ‘quick – find your shoes’ we were through the door and off for a bit of outdoor activity. The idea was to try some gentle outdoor running after a long period of being constrained by poor weather and (if we are honest) one or two overuse injuries.

9 Dec 2010: Challenge

The focus has shifted a bit recently. Whereas in late summer and autumn we were out almost daily on the footpaths close to home, obsessed with foraging, and never content unless we were coming home with a backpack filled with hedgerow fruit or nettles for cooking, now our attention has been caught by a new challenge.

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