Geocaching catching on again


Geocaching is catching on again around here. It’s an activity we have a love-hate relationship with – sometimes we want to do nothing but, sometimes it drives us mad, sometimes we desperately want to avoid it and all who sail in it. (For those unsure what caching means in this context, follow this link.)

We’ve just had our longest period ever without finding a cache – a staggering 89 days between August and November this year – and it really did look as if this time the shine had come off to such an extent that we would find that we’d stopped without ever making a deliberate decision to do so. Our figures on previous years are very low – in 2008 we found more than 250 and this year we haven’t made 50 yet.

But the break has meant that a few decent local caches have appeared, and we have a short holiday coming up that takes us to a part of the country we’re very fond of and which has a cache we’ve been trying, unsuccessfully, to find for quite a while. Wouldn’t it be nice, we thought, if that one could be a landmark number. And our journey down will take us through a couple of counties that are still blank spaces on the map – no finds there at all.

Maybe this time we can find a happy medium between obsession and the inevitable disgust that follows. Maybe.