Looping the HOOP

If you’re reading along in an RSS reader (and, by the way, if you are we’re very grateful for your interest) you may find it worth your while to pop along to the site and have a look at the latest walk that we have added.

Recently a new footpath was unveiled around our home town of Hitchin. Checking in officially at around 12 miles (although we reckon it’s a mile or two longer, as it goes) it joins up a wide variety of existing rights of way into one continuous walk that was christened the HOOP – or Hitchin Outer Orbital Path. You might already have encountered the white and purple waymarks while out and about.

You can read the story of our trip round the HOOP here.

With the HOOP tackled and written up for the site, our next objective is the Letchworth Greenway – a 13.6-mile trail around the Garden City and its attendant countryside. The section between Ickleford and Wymondeley Road, Hitchin is common to the two paths. Although we’d definitely feel obliged to do that section again. Fortunately we live on the Letchworth side of town.

Watch this space…